To Terry S. Ward, CEO

The HealthCare Village®

"I am excited about your simplistic no hassle approach to the delivery of health care services.  The consumer has more choices with your model compared to the present day system. Many small employers may drop their health insurance plans as these costs continue to increase by double digits each year.  The number of uninsured will continue to escalate unless a more efficient health care model comes along.  I applaud your commitment to a more efficient model of health and wellness services."  

Marty Budinsky, Employee Benefit Sales

"The HealthCare Village® is the first-of-its-kind health care delivery model designed to not only respond to the needs of the current health care industry, but will be able to influence the future of health care delivery in this country and abroad."

Sheryl Tatar Dacso, J.D., Dr. P.H., Author of Managed Care Answer Book

"I am not prone to providing false praise or accolades. My style is just the opposite. I can be a bit harsh and a 'doubting Thomas.' So please believe me when I say I find your HealthCare Village® concept very exciting. You will have many challenges during the birthing process, but it will be a beautiful baby."

Warren V. Guillett, CEO of DocuMedix

"Given the impact of managed care on physician professional fees, physicians are looking for revenue enhancement opportunities which allow them to efficiently practice medicine. The HealthCare Village® concept puts physicians in control of medicine the way it should be!"

Dianne Love, Ph.D, Professor, University of Houston - Clear Lake

"The American healthcare system needs dramatic change. The HealthCare Village® can lead that change. It restructures care around the needs and expectations of the patient. That's the kind of change that's dramatic."

Larry Mathis, Former CEO, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas

"I am profoundly impressed with the simplicity and genius of your HealthCare Village® concept. It will truly change the way our generation and our children use healthcare. Congratulations, Mr. Edison."

Congressmen John Culberson

"The next challenge of American medicine can really be boiled down to this: how do we make physicians and patients into partners. The HealthCare Village® concept offers the opportunity to change 'sick care' to health care and to enable that partnership."

Clifford Dacso, M.D., MBA, Professor of Medicine and General Internist

"HealthCare Village® has the potential to put the 'care' back into health care."

Irv Rubin, Ph.D., President, Temenos, Inc

"The HealthCare Village® is a glimpse into the future of healthcare, where patients are offered easy access, choice and convenience in a 'one-stop' setting, and where physicians can focus on what they do best - practicing medicine."

Searle Turner, M.D., Scripps Clinic

"The HealthCare Village® model offers the Physician/Administrator Team a vehicle to take what we've always know to be true about providing quality patient care and prove it!"

Susan R. Waldron, CMPE, Executive Director, Texas Gulf Coast Medical Group, PLLC

"One of our functions as physicians is to keep our patients informed as to the latest in medical technology and services available to them when addressing their health care needs. The HealthCare Village® concept, by putting medical services that range from surgery to alternative medical care under one 'roof', provides us with the means to do this. This is the next step forward in the pursuit of quality medical care."

James Incalcaterra, Jr., M.D., President Texas Gulf Coast Medical Group, PLLC


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