From the aerial view, the HealthCare Village® is a magnificent facility, and when you look closer, the charm, eloquence, and understated-ness is truly demonstrated in its architecture and functionality.

When you drive up to a HealthCare Village®, there will be many reasons to make your arrival a pleasant one. There are parking options that include valet, curbside assistance, and easily accessible self-parking. The whole experience of walking into a village is more magnified when you pass through fresh and beautiful manicured courtyards and walkways.

The major entrance courtyard area will entice HealthCare Village® visitors to experience the many health related restaurants, bookstores, amenities and services that make this healthcare delivery model a cut above the rest.

Easy access to the many medical services and amenities are properly positioned in the architecture of the HealthCare Village® that can conveniently serve those who are visiting their physician or have a surgery at the short-stay hospital.

Our physician-based medical centers are well designed to meet the needs of the physicians and the consumers. Its foundation rests on the "proven method" for the best medical care and delivery that meets everyone's needs.

Inside the HealthCare Village® is the serene garden that everyone in the HealthCare Village® can retreat to or gaze upon. The serenity in this environment is soothing and relaxing that helps ease the tension we all feel before or after we visit our physician.

Our approach to the many different age groups is how we can speak to them on their level. An example of this approach is the "The Little Village" that incorporates the visuals in the language that speaks to the minds of little ones. So whether it is a women's, heart and lung, or men's center, we strategically plan the image of the center so that it is comforting and attractive.

Whether health and fitness is part of your medical therapy, lifestyle or leisure, the HealthCare Village® health and fitness center is for the consumers, the employees and the members of the community. It's curriculum, that includes a variety of classes and programs, will satisfy all age groups in the areas they are seeking in a healthy lifestyle.

Cafes and restaurants will allow you to ease your schedule if you haven't had a chance to have lunch or if you would just like to leisurely relax. Our cafes and restaurants will be hand selected to satisfy the appetites from sophisticated connoisseurs to the fast food clientele in the community.

When you pass through the specific areas of a HealthCare Village®, you can experience the literary and visual arts that hold your attention in a dramatic, passive manner. Our complementary workstations in the areas also give you that quiet time to finish projects before you return to work or home.

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