To support the next-generation healthcare delivery system, The Ward Group has invested several million dollars in a pre-development HealthCare Village® model. This prototype is documented in the form of a package of facility design and operational programming materials, financial proformas and draft-form legal and organizational documents to facilitate development on a rollout basis. As developed, the HealthCare Village® Model is:

  • A master-planned healthcare delivery model
  • A healthcare product, offering virtually all aspects of primary and secondary care
  • A community-based, community-focused endeavor
  • A place that promotes wellness through education and sets high customer-service standards
  • An opportunity for successful hospital/physician partnerships
  • A business opportunity
  • A leadership response to issues in the healthcare delivery system
  • A fiscally and economically responsible healthcare solution


The HealthCare Village® delivery system will be situated on approximately 10 to 25 acres of prime real estate and is designed and programmed to be from 150,000 to 400,000 square feet of medical, educational, and complementary health retail areas. The mix of services would include approximately one-half of the total space as physician-based medical centers; one-third of the total space as a short-stay hospital and the remaining space as complementary medical and retail service areas. It will focus on primary and secondary care delivery with strong emphasis on wellness, healthy lifestyle, education and exemplary customer service. The actual menu of services available at each HealthCare Village® will be determined by the physician mix, consumer demands and market demographics of that specific community.


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Women's Center
Women's Spa
Children's Center
Day Care
Specialty Care Center

Ambulatory Hospital



Heart and Lung Center
Cancer Center
Men's Center
Complementary Medicine

Orthopedic Center
Rehabilitation Center
Primary Care Center
Men's Spa





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