To The Communities We Serve:


Through the practice of obstetrics and the delivery of thousands of babies one of the things that matters most to patients is a caring doctor supported by a caring health care system.  Over the last ten years maintaining this level of care has become more difficult.  Doctors and patients who know each other better have found better and even less costly treatments and solutions to address patient needs.  But with changing insurance, patients often have to change doctors and lose one of the most important relationships in a patient’s life. The strength of the doctor patient relationship has been strained by the pressures of operating a business. 


While patients still have a high opinion of their own doctor, changes in the way health care is delivered, as a system, has made the experience of obtaining quality health care less pleasant.  Complex systems can consume valuable time.  Time taken from family or work.  Time worrying about an unknown medical condition.


If the health system could be more friendly and efficient, then doctors and patients would be more satisfied.  Patients would be healthier.  Doctors would experience a greater joy in seeing their patients. 


The HealthCare Village® is a place that can accomplish all the above.  It strengthens the relationships among doctors and patients, respects their time and provides the highest quality in health care and wellness.   Our promise is to serve the entire community to help people achieve their best health.   We will do this in the most up to date facility and do it with respect for the entire community.


We look forward to being your whole health solution.



William R. Archer MD FACOG


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