Today's lives are fast-paced and complicated. With a variety of commitments and responsibilities, it often seems impossible to take care of everything we need to, including our health. The following is a typical scenario you might face:

It's 7:00 am. Your spouse is out of town, you have to pick up your mother-in-law and get her to an orthopedic surgeon across town by 9:00 am and your four-year-old just woke up with a 102 (degree) temperature and sore throat.

Sound familiar? Or perhaps you haven been putting off a complete physical that your doctor recommended four months ago.


If your life is anything like that of the majority of working Americans today, you are painfully aware of the havoc that unexpected illness can create. Taking a proactive stance for personal wellness is something that few of us are able to do in our day-to-day lives. Compounding this stressful situation, consumers must also endure a flawed healthcare system that has failed to keep up with changing lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Today, it really doesn't matter whether you are a corporate executive, a single working woman, a school teacher or a stay-at-home parent. It all starts with the "waiting game", which has become the status quo. Patients must:

  • wait on hold when the call into their primary care physicians' office for an appointment
  • wait a day or two to get in
  • wait two hours in the reception area on appointment day
  • wait for the pharmacy across town to fill the prescription
  • wait for a referral to a specialist on the other side of town when the medicine proves ineffective
  • wait for test results from other locations
  • wait for the insurance company to pay some "unknown" portion of the claim

It often seems that there's nothing we can do to change the system, to make it more efficient, convenient and cost-effective for everyone. But there is something we can do. The solution is HealthCare Village®.

At HealthCare Village®, not only would there by a pediatrician who would see your child at 7:00 am, but there would be sick child daycare available within easy walking distance of the Children's Center (The Little Village). The staff of childcare professionals would give your child plenty of TLC until you returned. There would be no hassles with parking, no clipboards, doorbells or sliding glass windows, and no receptionist who gives you an attitude when you interrupt her personal telephone call. Your child's medication would be provided right in the doctor's office or would be waiting for immediate pick-up at the HealthCare Village® drive-through pharmacy.

When you visit HealthCare Village®, you notice retail shops, a fitness center and the Village Cafe. There are people milling around and you can hear children's laughter from the daycare play area. When you pull up to the childcare center curb, a valet asks you if you need assistance. He directs you to a specially designated parking area for arriving and departing moms and dads. You can't help but marvel at the convenience and courtesy found at HealthCare Village®.

A neighbor drives by as you exit your car. She pulls over and tells you she is on her way to the HealthCare Village® Healthy Kitchen for a cooking class. Inside the childcare center, you notice a kiosk with links to children's activities, resources and information about taking care of children. The Village looks and feels like a place that you would come to when you felt good, but wanted to feel even better.

The HealthCare Village® model is designed for you -- the consumer-- and your physician. The Village conveys a sense of well-being and peace of mind. It has been created to smooth out the bumps and curves of the old healthcare delivery system while streamlining prevention and wellness activities. HealthCare Village® eliminates many of the aggravations that 89 percent of Americans use as excuses to avoid the current healthcare system, even when seeing a doctor is truly necessary. At HealthCare Village®, the processes and systems work for you, rather than against you. We give you the control over determining how your healthcare is delivered. And that's a choice that makes sense for consumers today.

If you want to know how your support can make HealthCare Village® the overwhelming "product of choice" in your community, click here.

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