HealthCare Village® is a market-driven, "health and wellness" community medical center that provides primary and secondary healthcare to patients in a unique and inspiring environment. HealthCare Village® consists of 40-120 of your community's existing physicians who will have access to innovative processes and systems, enabling patients' visits to be more pleasurable, worthwhile and efficient. Inside HealthCare Village® will be a hospital center that can accommodate specific emergency needs or outpatient surgeries for everyone in the community. But the "uniqueness" of the HealthCare Village® lies in the availability of a variety of related consumer amenities, including the pharmacy, medical library, Internet stations, child daycare, deli/coffee shops, healthy-lifestyle bookstore, fitness center and other related conveniences.

HealthCare Village® also delivers educational benefits, with ongoing community- outreach programs, including: health and wellness education designed for employees in corporations; first-time parenting classes; care for the aging parent; smoking cessation; healthy cooking classes; and other related healthcare programs for all ages.

Finally, HealthCare Village® is forward-thinking, designed with an infrastructure that allows all consumers within a selected community to utilize the healthcare delivery in the Village, because it will accept all major health insurance plans. As the patient, consumer and member of the community, HealthCare Village® is the right choice for you.

Patient care evolves around physician-based medical centers within the HealthCare Village®. A strategic mix of exceptional community physicians will address a wide variety of health and wellness needs. The short-stay hospital functions as an extension of the physician practices in providing technology and required hospital services.

Every location within HealthCare Village® can "talk" real-time to all physician centers, imaging centers, pharmacy, and lab or hospital areas throughout the site. This intranet capability is built into each HealthCare Village® through its information systems and processes.

No more filling out forms! Because security and privacy are important to all of us, community members who access healthcare or wellness activities may utilize a personal identification card called the "HealthCare Village® Smart Card" for faster, easier recognition by HealthCare Village® physicians, tenants, and shopkeepers. This card could maintain personal information, medical records and shopping or recreational preferences of the consumer.

Through the HealthCare Village® Market Assurance Program, we ensure that the environment and operations behind the scene will guarantee that you, as both patient and consumer, will be treated with dignity by everyone who is employed by HealthCare Village®. The HealthCare Village® culture is that of a consumer-friendly environment in which every Village member continually conveys a commitment to exceed every expectation for service, healthcare, compassion and professionalism.

HealthCare Village® will add hours to your day, save you gasoline, and enhance predictability as to your next doctor's appointment. It will provide a complete array of healthcare products and services in one convenient location, meeting all of your health and wellness needs, while catering to your active lifestyle. For example, all operations are internal, so patients can easily see their physicians, get lab and imaging results all in one visit. There will not be the obstacles present that very often frustrate the consumer today.

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